Exciting Things Were Afoot

Or is was it ahand? Aleg perhaps? No, that sounds like the name of a drunk vampire brooding for his lost love who happens to be a werewolf and also his mortal enemy... Really all of this to say that exciting things are were happening. So, here's the deal. I started writing this draft (minus [...]

Write It All Out – Sift Through It Later

Hey there lovelies, I hope you're doing well. We are still trying to do all the things! All the things that must be done in the next 31 days before our big move across the country.  In fact I currently have the Roomba going in the office with the door closed. I've cleared out the [...]

Writing Wednesday With Words!

Good afternoon to all the lovelies out there.  I'm going to dive right into Writing Wednesday for you all. Get right to the feels I've been feeling lately.  I've noticed that my hand is a bit heavy when it comes to my blog posts sometimes. The only way I know how to survive in this [...]