Hi there, hello. I hope that this post finds you all in a place of peace, calm and happiness. My wish for you all, is that you live in a state of mind that has evaded me for quite some time now. I took quite the hiatus, didn't I? Apologies. Life has been...well, I won't [...]

Fiction Friday Day Two Let Down

Oh hi there. Hello. Welcome back to another wonderful Friday evening. Wherein you would have expected me to post the second chapter of my untitled reworking trainwreck of a story! As I promised! Sorry to disappoint. I've had a rough go at editing chapter two. Hopefully, I manage to get it fixed up for next [...]

Get To Writing!

What are you doing reading this blog?! You should be writing! It is Write Now Wednesday after all.  Go! Go write! Well...maybe in five minutes? At least finish off this blog post before rushing back to your current work in progress. Speaking of writing, as one should as a writer, what do you do when [...]

Second Monday Strikes Again

Hey folks! I hope your Tuesday is going better than mine. Second Monday strikes again and it strikes hard. I'm absolutely exhausted, and I've done literally nothing today.  The weather went from 23 and sunny yesterday to 12 and pouring rain.  If nothing else it's become exceedingly clear lately how big of an affect the [...]

Write Right Now

Hey guys! I'm back at home after a whirlwind trip to the Capital of my home province the last few days and I must say I loved sleeping in my own bed last night. As much as any other night I will complain about its comfort, it was the most comfortable sleep I could have [...]