Why Wouldn’t We?

Oh hi there, lovely people of the internet. I ask this question with all the honesty I can muster. Why wouldn't we? Why wouldn't we continue with this lovely tradition this week? But, let's get a little dark shall we... Literally. This week in the Wacky World of Words I want to get dark.  Yesterday [...]

Wacky Words Part Three? Fear Edition.

Oh hi there. Would you like some more words today? I am so loving this little series that I am trying to implement some of my newly found words into my writing/poetry. It's been quite challenging. But, the English language is challenging. I was sketching a character for my book series (essentially getting to know [...]

Fiction Friday Day Two Let Down

Oh hi there. Hello. Welcome back to another wonderful Friday evening. Wherein you would have expected me to post the second chapter of my untitled reworking trainwreck of a story! As I promised! Sorry to disappoint. I've had a rough go at editing chapter two. Hopefully, I manage to get it fixed up for next [...]

Weird & Wacky World of Words

Welcome to the weird and wacky world of words! Part One! Well, that was a fun sentence to write. I hope you're all doing well. I've been on a Pinterest spiral rollercoaster that I haven't wanted to get off! During this plunge through the endless abyss of pinnable content, I fell upon a word. A [...]

Lost and Not Yet Found

Where do you look for something when you've lost it? Do you retrace your steps? Check with the person that knows you best? Hit up all the local lost-and-founds in your area? Send out a mass e-mail/social-media bulletin to spread the word and get more eyes looking? Text every single person in your contact list? [...]

Tuesday With Cline

Hi lovelies! It's been quite some time hasn't it? I've been a little under the weather as of late, what with the complete change in air here compared to Eastern Canada, and coming off the stress of the move had me just hating life. Ha. But! I'm feeling a little better about everything now so [...]

Writing Wednesday With Words!

Good afternoon to all the lovelies out there.  I'm going to dive right into Writing Wednesday for you all. Get right to the feels I've been feeling lately.  I've noticed that my hand is a bit heavy when it comes to my blog posts sometimes. The only way I know how to survive in this [...]

All The Feels Friday

Hi lovelies, it's a rainy, dreary Friday afternoon here.  The weather has a great affect on my mood, and today is not a good day. I think I may be having a Vitamin D deficiency.  I need sun!  But not too much. My extremely pale skin probably couldn't take it. The cats had me awake [...]