Hi there, hello. I hope that this post finds you all in a place of peace, calm and happiness. My wish for you all, is that you live in a state of mind that has evaded me for quite some time now. I took quite the hiatus, didn't I? Apologies. Life has been...well, I won't [...]

Try This Again

Hi there, hello. It's Tuesday. And you know what that means! I write about something I like. This week, I want to talk to you about books. Every good author will tell you if you want to write, you damn well better make time for reading. It's an integral part of honing your own craft. [...]

Tomorrow is the Yesterday of Two Days From Now.

  Hi there, welcome. This picture has been resonating (loudly) with me lately.  I've been asking myself this exact thing quite a bit. Is all this work that I've been putting into my blog pushing me towards my end goal? Will I be closer to where I want to be tomorrow with the work that [...]

Book Covers Are The Hardest Art to Dance To

Write. Write. Write. Right now! Oh hi there. It's Wednesday and that means I'm going to talk about writing today.  In the past, I've mentioned that I belong to a few writing groups on Facebook. Most of these groups are terrible and unsupportive. Every so often, though, I find a gem of a post. Usually, [...]

Motivation Is Hard To Come By

Hi lovelies. Mondays are hard. Mondays are also a day to be thankful that you're alive. There is so much hate that exists for Monday's coming almost solely from the fact that your work-week begins anew on this dreaded day. For that reason, on Sundays, I generally battle with more anxiety and depression than any [...]

Fiction Friday Day Two Let Down

Oh hi there. Hello. Welcome back to another wonderful Friday evening. Wherein you would have expected me to post the second chapter of my untitled reworking trainwreck of a story! As I promised! Sorry to disappoint. I've had a rough go at editing chapter two. Hopefully, I manage to get it fixed up for next [...]