Why Wouldn’t We?

Oh hi there, lovely people of the internet. I ask this question with all the honesty I can muster. Why wouldn't we? Why wouldn't we continue with this lovely tradition this week? But, let's get a little dark shall we... Literally. This week in the Wacky World of Words I want to get dark.  Yesterday [...]

Where Your Muse At?

Hey lovelies! How's life treating you today? I'm feeling poetic. I'm feeling inspired. Oh wait, that's the tingle of perspiration! My goodness it's humid today. Really though, it's Write Now Wednesday and I want to know what everyone is working on. Lately all I've been writing is poetry. It's my first love. I have hundreds [...]

Get To Writing!

What are you doing reading this blog?! You should be writing! It is Write Now Wednesday after all.  Go! Go write! Well...maybe in five minutes? At least finish off this blog post before rushing back to your current work in progress. Speaking of writing, as one should as a writer, what do you do when [...]

Tuesday Bonus Rant

It's Tuesday! Which means it's almost the weekend. Amiright? I tried... Well guys it IS Tuesday and I’m feeling a little discouraged today. I know our wedding is still a couple of years off and that the majority of the planning is not supposed to happen for awhile but every so often I like to take [...]

Write It Down, Write It All!

Hey, there all you lovelies!  It's finally Friday (what a week its been) and I thought I could revisit what I had intended to post last week before all the foolishness happened.  To the disorganized organization of a writers mind! I use Pinterest A LOT as I may have mentioned once or twice already.  I [...]

Write Right Now

Hey guys! I'm back at home after a whirlwind trip to the Capital of my home province the last few days and I must say I loved sleeping in my own bed last night. As much as any other night I will complain about its comfort, it was the most comfortable sleep I could have [...]

Fridays are Awesome.

I had this whole post planned today to link to some of my strangest pins of the week and oddest google searches to let you have a peak at the (disorganized?) mind of a writer but then I got side tracked by some hate. I'll likely have some people rolling their eyes right now, or [...]

Avengers UNITE!

It's Sunday again folks! What does that mean, you say? Sunday, funday adventures! Or, rather, Avengers! Yup, saw the latest Avengers movie today and even without a great bit of knowledge on the cannon of the comics (something I'd like to change) Marvel movies never seem to disappoint.  Joss Whedon is my hero. Because he [...]