Back On The Motivation Train?

Oh hi there. The sickness that scooped me up and took over my life for the last couple of weeks has *knocks on wood* finally subsided. Mostly. So, I'm certainly hoping that my motivation will come back, as my energy has begun to return. I've sat at my computer for hours over this long weekend. [...]

Lost and Not Yet Found

Where do you look for something when you've lost it? Do you retrace your steps? Check with the person that knows you best? Hit up all the local lost-and-founds in your area? Send out a mass e-mail/social-media bulletin to spread the word and get more eyes looking? Text every single person in your contact list? [...]

Sunday Funday (Week before Christmas Edition)

Hey lovelies! I thought I'd write up a quick little phone post for you between getting ready to meet the day and consuming copious amounts of caffeine this morning. It's less than a week before Christmas and we are gearing up to do a whole lotta baking today. Besides that we're shooting and editing videos [...]

Shelby Build Part Three

Hey guys! Happy Monday to you.  I know Mondays are generally a horrible day with cranky co-workers to contend with and if you work with the public they somehow always seem to impart a superiority that drives you wild on Monday. Something to the effect of "I've been leisurely sipping my coffee all morning long [...]