Try This Again

Hi there, hello. It's Tuesday. And you know what that means! I write about something I like. This week, I want to talk to you about books. Every good author will tell you if you want to write, you damn well better make time for reading. It's an integral part of honing your own craft. [...]

Thursday Wall

Oh hi there people of the internet. Hope your Thursday is going well. I've hit a wall today.  Not to be confused with any other wall that may be in the news, on your radar, or in your backyard. The wall I've hit is a writing one. Today is brought to you by the word [...]

Book Covers Are The Hardest Art to Dance To

Write. Write. Write. Right now! Oh hi there. It's Wednesday and that means I'm going to talk about writing today.  In the past, I've mentioned that I belong to a few writing groups on Facebook. Most of these groups are terrible and unsupportive. Every so often, though, I find a gem of a post. Usually, [...]

Tuesday With Cline

Hi lovelies! It's been quite some time hasn't it? I've been a little under the weather as of late, what with the complete change in air here compared to Eastern Canada, and coming off the stress of the move had me just hating life. Ha. But! I'm feeling a little better about everything now so [...]