Exciting Things Were Afoot

Or is was it ahand? Aleg perhaps? No, that sounds like the name of a drunk vampire brooding for his lost love who happens to be a werewolf and also his mortal enemy... Really all of this to say that exciting things are were happening. So, here's the deal. I started writing this draft (minus [...]


Hi there, hello. I hope that this post finds you all in a place of peace, calm and happiness. My wish for you all, is that you live in a state of mind that has evaded me for quite some time now. I took quite the hiatus, didn't I? Apologies. Life has been...well, I won't [...]

Motivation Is Hard To Come By

Hi lovelies. Mondays are hard. Mondays are also a day to be thankful that you're alive. There is so much hate that exists for Monday's coming almost solely from the fact that your work-week begins anew on this dreaded day. For that reason, on Sundays, I generally battle with more anxiety and depression than any [...]

2015 in review

Hey lovelies! Just wanted to login and wish you all a wonderful and safe New Years Eve tonight! The New Year is T-minus less than 9 hours away and we have yet to solidify our plans of festivities for the night. I always prefer a quiet night in, however my fiancée loves to experience new things, [...]

Last Post Forever! – AKA Just A Few Days

Hey lovelies! Just a quick little post today to let you know I'll be taking the next couple of days off from blogging. I have a lot on the go right now with trying to keep my sanity as the days count down to move day! And quickly too! Yup, the days are not getting [...]

Struggling With Emotions – Writer Edition

Hey lovelies, today's Write Now Wednesday's post is about to get deep. Real deep. Trigger Warning for anyone that may have faced difficult challenges in life with a partner, family member, supposed friend, or stranger. Any writers working on their first novel out there? I've been working on a memoir for the last 6 years. [...]

Second Monday Always Strikes On A Tuesday

Hello there lovelies, I hope your (dreaded!) second Monday has found you in good health and good humour. Tuesdays are always an interesting day for me. Quite often I feel poetic and the need to write is strong. That being said, being a second Monday and all, I tend to feel a little overwhelmed and [...]