A Thousand Years Later

Oh hi. It's been awhile. Feels like a thousand years. By the screen capture just below of my last few blog posts looks like it's been just about 8 months since I've last graced my own blog with words. Life has been hard guys. But I haven't given up. Am I stronger? I guess. Am [...]

Fiction Friday Day Two

Step out of my comfort zone. Again. *Takes a deep breath.* Again. See you on the other side. Again. © JL Thibeault 2007-2019 Untitled Work Day Zero - Part 2 “Incoming!” The young dark haired woman called as she tore down the hallway jumping over the legs of one of her classmates as she sat [...]

Book Covers Are The Hardest Art to Dance To

Write. Write. Write. Right now! Oh hi there. It's Wednesday and that means I'm going to talk about writing today.  In the past, I've mentioned that I belong to a few writing groups on Facebook. Most of these groups are terrible and unsupportive. Every so often, though, I find a gem of a post. Usually, [...]

Farewell 2018

Hey there Lovelies!  Obligatory statement of reflection and looking forward to the future drivel incoming! It is, after all, that time of year again. As yet one more year passes, I am looking back on the last 12 months and wondering where the hell they went. Time moves forward. Always. That's how the year flew [...]

Reflective Daze

Hi there, Lovelies. I hope this Sunday afternoon is finding you all well, happy, healthy, and doing whatever it is you do to relax and self-care. I have been agonizing all weekend about time. Less than two weeks... Less than two weeks to what you may ask? Well, I'm turning 36. Turning 36 has spun [...]

Are You a S#%* Person?

Hi there Lovelies, A pretty brazen title for a post from me isn't it? I promise, there's a reason for it. I'm not just randomly calling out all the shit people out there. Just some of them. You see, recently I have been surprised quite a bit. Introverts extroverting. Extroverts introverting. Family members showing homophobia [...]

Lost and Not Yet Found

Where do you look for something when you've lost it? Do you retrace your steps? Check with the person that knows you best? Hit up all the local lost-and-founds in your area? Send out a mass e-mail/social-media bulletin to spread the word and get more eyes looking? Text every single person in your contact list? [...]

Stressed? Me? Never.

Hey Lovelies, So you might be wondering, "Why do you lie?" or even "Ha! Can't fool me with that obvious blog post title!" You really are clever my dear readers. Everyone deals with stress differently in their day-to-day lives. My upcoming week will be quite stressful and I was reminded of a presentation I had [...]

15 Tips for Getting Started in Freelance Writing

Stumbled upon this blog article just this afternoon. There are quite a few bits of useful information and links throughout. Some I've previously discovered and others I'm quite looking forward to diving into! Don't let the initial publishing date deter you from checking it out! Everything seems to still be relevant in 2016. Cheers, JL

A Good Story Will Always Make You Enemies

"You won't have any good stories to tell if you don't make a few enemies along the way." A long time ago I read that quote somewhere, damned if I could remember where now, and it struck a bit of a chord with me. When it comes to what I'm writing (my memoir) there are [...]