A Thousand Years Later

Oh hi. It's been awhile. Feels like a thousand years. By the screen capture just below of my last few blog posts looks like it's been just about 8 months since I've last graced my own blog with words. Life has been hard guys. But I haven't given up. Am I stronger? I guess. Am [...]


Hi there, hello. I hope that this post finds you all in a place of peace, calm and happiness. My wish for you all, is that you live in a state of mind that has evaded me for quite some time now. I took quite the hiatus, didn't I? Apologies. Life has been...well, I won't [...]

Back On The Motivation Train?

Oh hi there. The sickness that scooped me up and took over my life for the last couple of weeks has *knocks on wood* finally subsided. Mostly. So, I'm certainly hoping that my motivation will come back, as my energy has begun to return. I've sat at my computer for hours over this long weekend. [...]

Weird & Wacky World of Words

Welcome to the weird and wacky world of words! Part One! Well, that was a fun sentence to write. I hope you're all doing well. I've been on a Pinterest spiral rollercoaster that I haven't wanted to get off! During this plunge through the endless abyss of pinnable content, I fell upon a word. A [...]

A Placing We Will Go

Well hello there Lovelies. Somehow I did it. Somehow I've managed to survive College, 16 years removed from any other formal education. Sure, I've self taught myself subjects I've found interesting over the years. Sure, I've followed along online courses, or little tutorials and the like. Sure, I've devoured books, and kept my mind sharp [...]

2015 in review

Hey lovelies! Just wanted to login and wish you all a wonderful and safe New Years Eve tonight! The New Year is T-minus less than 9 hours away and we have yet to solidify our plans of festivities for the night. I always prefer a quiet night in, however my fiancée loves to experience new things, [...]

It’s A Feisty One!

It's Black Friday today folks! Where people unabashedly stomp over other humans for the sake of getting a deal on something they really don't need! Sorry to cut this short...but I need to go get me some deals!                 #Ialwaysstaytotheend If you get that reference, you're cool. If [...]

Summer Daze

Hey guys! I'm feeling a little dazed today. Spent most of the day experiencing the wonders of Summer. It's far later than usual for my posts I feel I've let you down a little! Not really. I'm sure you don't expect much. Ha. You're good people like that.  So I'm feeling very sun dazed right [...]