Back On The Motivation Train?

Oh hi there.

The sickness that scooped me up and took over my life for the last couple of weeks has *knocks on wood* finally subsided.


So, I’m certainly hoping that my motivation will come back, as my energy has begun to return. I’ve sat at my computer for hours over this long weekend. Staring at that little blinking cursor. Hoping that inspiration will strike me. And…I’ve literally just realized I’ve gone about it all wrong the entire weekend. Yup. That’s unfortunate.


Who has ever waited for inspiration to hit? For something to happen? Don’t wait folks. Do. Create. Engage. Write.

And that’s exactly what I plan on doing right now. This post is brief for that exact reason. I plan on writing. Creating my own inspiration. Creating my own, by writing. Just doing.  After I snuggle this adorable little ball of fluff first.

IMG-2730 (1).jpg

Until next time. As always, much love.


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