The Truth…

Hi, there internet friends.

Welcome, welcome. I have a confession for you all.

You ready for it?

Of course, you are.

I’m sick. Yup. Sick. Since the end of last week. Friday to be exact. That’s not exactly my confession to be fair. My confession is…I pre-write my blog posts. *hangs head in shame* I pre-write the posts usually on the weekends so that I can focus on my novel writing in the evenings during the week after my 9-5 and when I’ve gotten my posts out of the way for the week on the weekends. It’s all about balancing the ability to write every single day without giving myself the anxiety of needing to write and edit something to go up the same day it’s written!

So, because I was sick this weekend, I only managed to pre-write 2/5 of my posts for this week. The first going live Monday (my tonight) and the second of course yesterday. This post that you’re reading right now, I’m writing from my bed cocoon on a sick day. I’m writing it with the sole purpose of informing you that the rest of this week is on hold.

For now.

As of Monday (my today), I am not able to write anything more coherent than what I’m going to give you right now. So for the rest of the week or until I feel better this is all I’ve got for you!

Forgive me for already abandoning (sort of) my new blogging format. Life happens. And I’m tired now despite the two-hour nap I just had. Energy is waning. So for now, I’ll bid you goodnight.

As always, much love.


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