Tomorrow is the Yesterday of Two Days From Now.

Ask Yourself.jpg


Hi there, welcome.

This picture has been resonating (loudly) with me lately.  I’ve been asking myself this exact thing quite a bit. Is all this work that I’ve been putting into my blog pushing me towards my end goal? Will I be closer to where I want to be tomorrow with the work that I’m putting in today?

The short answer?


The long answer?


I. Just. Need. To. Keep. Reminding. Myself. This.

Because it’s damn hard work. It’s hard to keep up the motivation on this Motivation Monday thing I keep touting. But, motivated I must stay! How do you stay motivated? I keep thinking about where I physically want to be next year, two years from now, five years from now. My wife and I had a five-year plan, and several of the items that we were working towards on our five-year plan have not successfully happened. Everything happens for a reason, and now we have to rework our five-year plan.


Not today.

Today, I am writing. So much writing. Writing that I can’t wait to share with you all soon. So, keep me in your motivated thoughts. Monday continue to be kind to me as I write before bed. Bed, keep me warm and just the right amount of cool to let me sleep through the night tonight so that I have enough energy to face second Monday tomorrow. I mean, Tuesday. So I can face Tuesday. Ah, wish me luck, looks like my brain is already mush tonight.

As always, much love.


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