Thursday Wall

Oh hi there people of the internet. Hope your Thursday is going well. I've hit a wall today.  Not to be confused with any other wall that may be in the news, on your radar, or in your backyard. The wall I've hit is a writing one. Today is brought to you by the word [...]

Book Covers Are The Hardest Art to Dance To

Write. Write. Write. Right now! Oh hi there. It's Wednesday and that means I'm going to talk about writing today.  In the past, I've mentioned that I belong to a few writing groups on Facebook. Most of these groups are terrible and unsupportive. Every so often, though, I find a gem of a post. Usually, [...]

Wacky Words Part Three? Fear Edition.

Oh hi there. Would you like some more words today? I am so loving this little series that I am trying to implement some of my newly found words into my writing/poetry. It's been quite challenging. But, the English language is challenging. I was sketching a character for my book series (essentially getting to know [...]

Motivation Is Hard To Come By

Hi lovelies. Mondays are hard. Mondays are also a day to be thankful that you're alive. There is so much hate that exists for Monday's coming almost solely from the fact that your work-week begins anew on this dreaded day. For that reason, on Sundays, I generally battle with more anxiety and depression than any [...]

Fiction Friday Day Two Let Down

Oh hi there. Hello. Welcome back to another wonderful Friday evening. Wherein you would have expected me to post the second chapter of my untitled reworking trainwreck of a story! As I promised! Sorry to disappoint. I've had a rough go at editing chapter two. Hopefully, I manage to get it fixed up for next [...]

Throw It Back Now Y’all

One hop this time. Right foot. Let's stomp. Annnnnd, that's enough of playing on the Cha Cha Slide song... Sorry. Welcome! I missed you since we last spoke yesterday. What have you been motivated to do? I have been writing. Non-stop. Sort of. Also, I've been slacking from my writing. Sort of. 9-5 work is [...]

Fiction Friday Day One

Oh hi there. As I mentioned in Monday's post, I'm resurrecting a bit of fiction I wrote a crazy number of years ago. Not professionally edited, of course, just me tapping away at the keyboard. Forgive the grammatical errors, forgive what you may dislike about it. But really, this is for practice. I am writing [...]