15 Tips for Getting Started in Freelance Writing

Stumbled upon this blog article just this afternoon. There are quite a few bits of useful information and links throughout. Some I've previously discovered and others I'm quite looking forward to diving into! Don't let the initial publishing date deter you from checking it out! Everything seems to still be relevant in 2016. Cheers, JL

A Good Story Will Always Make You Enemies

"You won't have any good stories to tell if you don't make a few enemies along the way." A long time ago I read that quote somewhere, damned if I could remember where now, and it struck a bit of a chord with me. When it comes to what I'm writing (my memoir) there are [...]

When Do The Trolls Move To A Different Bridge?

Hey Lovelies!  I hope this Thursday evening is finding you all well. Mondays are terrible. People rushing around to get their strongest caffeinated drinks. Tuesdays seem just as bad at times. Wednesdays flag the middle of the week, you're half way there so make sure to treat yourself with a little extra foam in that [...]