Move Mode Activate!

Hey lovelies! I'm in full on move mode right now. I've cleaned out so many cupboards today I never want to open another one for the rest of my days. Seeing as that's highly unlikely I'll just chalk it up to for the rest of the week. Oh hi there Friday. I guess the week [...]

Top Down One Last Time – Goodnight ’57 Chevy Convertible

Hey folks! Now that the weekend of visiting is over I'm going to be getting back to my normal routine. So! That means that today is Model Monday. And that also means that I'll be showing you the last few pictures I have of the 1957 Chevy Convertible this week so that I can show [...]

Miners Marsh Madness

Hey there lovely blog reading folks! It's a beautiful day in the valley today. And because it's such a beautiful day my fiancée and I took advantage of the non-rainy weather and got out (for a half hour or so between adulting responsibilities, etc.) for a quick walk around Miners Marsh again. If you'll recall [...]

Write It All Out – Sift Through It Later

Hey there lovelies, I hope you're doing well. We are still trying to do all the things! All the things that must be done in the next 31 days before our big move across the country.  In fact I currently have the Roomba going in the office with the door closed. I've cleared out the [...]