Slow-Going Tuesday

Happy Second Monday folks. I'm pretty much not in the mood for anything today. And yet there's so much that needs to get done. Mostly it's in my head, needing to constantly see progress to be satisfied. No matter what it is. I must see a steady accomplishment to feel at ease. Like this post. [...]

Continuing A Gorgeous Build

Well hello there all you blog reading lovelies out there. It's Monday. You know what that means! It's time to continue the Aoshima Gorgeous Stream build for Modelling Mondays! This build was super short, so I know I won't go to a full 4 weeks like I usually do. I'll spread it over the next [...]

Get To Writing!

What are you doing reading this blog?! You should be writing! It is Write Now Wednesday after all.  Go! Go write! Well...maybe in five minutes? At least finish off this blog post before rushing back to your current work in progress. Speaking of writing, as one should as a writer, what do you do when [...]

Tuesdays Are Mondays in Disguise

Happy second Monday everyone! Do you feel it today? The crankiness in the air. The short tempers of drivers. Your own misaligned mood. It's second Monday coming down in full force! Because Tuesdays are actually Mondays I, of course, have had the makings of a migraine teasing me for the better part of the day and [...]