It’s Sunday Pitches!

Hello to all my lovelies out there! If you couldn't tell by the's both Sunday and I watched Pitch Perfect 2 today. Was that vague enough? Yeah, it was a bit of a stretch to think you'd all catch the reference.  Don't feel bad. I've been saying it all day and my fiancée may [...]

Writing Wednesday With Words!

Good afternoon to all the lovelies out there.  I'm going to dive right into Writing Wednesday for you all. Get right to the feels I've been feeling lately.  I've noticed that my hand is a bit heavy when it comes to my blog posts sometimes. The only way I know how to survive in this [...]

Second Monday Strikes Again

Hey folks! I hope your Tuesday is going better than mine. Second Monday strikes again and it strikes hard. I'm absolutely exhausted, and I've done literally nothing today.  The weather went from 23 and sunny yesterday to 12 and pouring rain.  If nothing else it's become exceedingly clear lately how big of an affect the [...]

All Cats, All Day.

It's Caturday once again folks, and you know what that means! All cats, all day long.  It's really an everyday thing for me isn't it? My two boys are the sanity in my crazy mind, the bright bit of something when I'm feeling anxious or depressed. Their kitty head-butts and melodic purrs or the demands [...]

All The Feels Friday

Hi lovelies, it's a rainy, dreary Friday afternoon here.  The weather has a great affect on my mood, and today is not a good day. I think I may be having a Vitamin D deficiency.  I need sun!  But not too much. My extremely pale skin probably couldn't take it. The cats had me awake [...]